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How to Survive a Chemotherapy Hair Cut

After my girlfriend, Ellen, had her first bout of chemotherapy how to start an online pharmacy business and after she got her appetite back, we indulged in a really decadent lunch. That’s when we decided we would eat our way through her ovarian cancer, splurging during the breaks in between chemo sessions when she was feeling good enough to enjoy a meal. We ate and talked kids, careers, books, and movies. We didn’t avoid the cancer talk. But we didn’t dwell either. The other

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day on the way to the dry-cleaners, I ran into Ellen and she asked me to join her that afternoon for her head shave and wig fitting. How could I refuse? And yet, I worried I’d sob the whole time and not be the support system she needed. Watching a friend have her hair removed is watching her parade into Cancerland. Up until now, she may have been marching through hell but I was loitering in deep denial. We met outside her apartment at noon. All morning, I had tried to image what a hair stylist majoring in chemotherapy cuts and cancer wigs would be like—particularly one on the tony upper east side of Manhattan. Ellen’s aunt was paying for her to get a top-of-the-line wig. I imagined it would be spacious and white and pink. White for sanitary/medical. Pink for girls. Then I visualized the hair-cutters. I pictured either (a) overly perky and saccharine-sweet chattering away in cheerleader diction to distract from the whole cancer theme (yuck!) or (b) overly soothing and sympathetic with airy yoga-teacher voices to make peace with all the bad stuff going on (equally yuck). What we got was anything but cheerleader or yoga. And there wasn’t anything close to a slick paint job. We entered a drab apartment on the first floor of skinny walk-up. I’m talking no décor whatsoever. Pine cabinets and tables with lots of wigs each one fitted on a head-shaped form. There were wigs on the table and wigs on the bookshelves and rows of wig shampoo in the cabinet above the kitchen sink. We were greeted immediately by the beautician. Again, nothing like I expected.

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Think Catskill comedian meets Italian Jersey shore. He said “Fahgettaboutit” and “you-know-what-I’m-saying” more often than someone doing a bad impression of how often New Yorkers say “Fagettabout” and “you-know-what-I’m-saying.” He bellowed when he spoke and put his face really close to yours. In the old days, he said, when he was doing wigs “for like regular, crazy people,” the hairdressers really looked down on the wigmakers. manufacturer of viagra “I mean it’s like putting a gay in the same room as Rick Santorum. Fahgettaboutit. You know what I’m saying?” “Rita,” he hollered, “you can buzz her.” His utter lack of sympathetic clichés made him all the more caring. He was loud and blunt and matter-of-fact and somehow that made the whole process a lot easier to digest. Ellen winced when he started to cut her already short hair and said she didn’t

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expect so much scalp pain. It hurt putting her head on a pillow, something her doctors never told her. That’s typical the first few days after chemo, her stylist said. He ought to know. After all, he’s been dealing with cancer patients for decades. But not to worry, he added. “Yeah, I think once your body gets used viagra for sale glasgow to, the uh, you know the tingling sensation, it’s like putting up with a tooth ache. After a couple days, you don’t even remember what it feels like not to have it.” Well, that’s reassuring. “When do you go for the next chemo?,” he asked. “Tuesday,” said Ellen. “So you’ll feel really sick on Friday. It’s mathematical.” And, indeed, he spoke as if Ellen’s future was as predictable and straightforward as addition and subtraction. I asked why he had a mirror in front of the chair. Did clients really want to watch as he buzzes? He said rxmedico online pharmacy reviews he swings the chair backwards for a lot of women but Ellen, he could tell was “well adjusted. You know what I’m saying?” He doesn’t even have a barber chair, just a regular wooden desk chair with a swivel that makes him lean over so much it must hurt his back. Did he ever think of getting a chair that most hairdressers have that go up and down? “Too Luciano,” he said. The appointment lasted probably twice as long as we needed to be there, because there were so many stories. We heard about his visits to clients in their fancy apartments. (Of course, like any experienced and uber-verbal hair stylist, he knows how to gab without revealing a client’s identity.) Another woman, he said has trouble adjusting her wig. “And she went to Harvard. You know what I’m saying?” “You know why she can’t adjust her wig,” he asked us (or really asked himself to lead into cialis online pharmacy the next tale.) “Because she can’t cook. They order in all the time. If you can’t cook, you can’t fiddle with a wig. I don’t know an Italian man who would stand for that. My kids expect my wife to cook a three or four course meal every night. You know what I’m saying? Faghettagboutit.” Ellen added that she’s worried about getting the wig on right and she’s a Harvard grad, too. But viagra cheap he wasn’t listening to us. He was busy with his own stories. Then he pulled out her wig—a gorgeous, long, reddish piece with wispy front layers. He put it on but said he would need an hour, at least, to cut it down and fix the front. He suggested we go for lunch. Before we left, I took a snapshot of Ellen with her pre-styled luscious red hairdo and e-mailed the pictures to her boyfriend and relatives. She looked fabulous. Thanks to her wigmaker, I didn’t cry at all and then, as will

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be our usual, we went for another fancy lunch. (If you have had a similar experience with a wig-fitting or head shave, please share your experience. join the conversation)  

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11 Responses to “How to Survive a Chemotherapy Hair Cut”

  1. vivian says:

    great story.fahgettaboutit…

  2. Hello! It was “interesting” to say the least to read this article as this is what I have taken my engineering degree and chosen to do with my life. I am helping run the business of Compassionate Beauty, a boutique salon-spa for women undergoing cancer treatment. We are located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We too offer loving head shaves and wig styling through our incredible wig stylist. When you described your notion of what the specialized salon would look like (medical and feminine), you described Compassionate Beauty. Although the story does have a happy ending, I cannot help but think that there needs to be more out there for women other than a dank, messy, apartment. Thanks for the story.

  3. Sis says:

    When my brother decided to shave his head after his cancer treatments made much of his hair fall out, it was difficult for him. At 49, he had spent a lot of effort trying to overcome the male pattern baldness that ran in the family.
    In solidarity, his best friend shaved his head, too.
    “Wow,” my brother said, “That really touched me. I’m not sure that I could have done that for someone. It was amazing.”

  4. Janice says:

    When I started chemo I ordered a wig. I have a big head and the wig was so tight it hurt to wear it for more than a few hours so mostly I wore a hat. The other day my daughter was telling me how much better I looked in the hat than the wig. I am an 12 year survivor.

  5. Morgan says:

    I’m an oncology nurse, so I do my share of head shaving on the unit. I keep it light: GI Jane jokes, offering a temporary mohawk on the way to bald. I find it much less sad than empowering, for my patients and for me: instead of waiting for the inevitable clumps lost in the shower or frays of hair on the pillow, we strike the first blow. My sister and I did the same for my mom last fall when she started chemo. As women we connect our hair to our femininity, our identity, and though not all cancer drugs attack the follicles, all the drugs we use for breast and ovarian disease do. I hate the “pinkification” of cancer, and battle metaphors for the “fight” only take us so far. But the shaved head of a recruit for war works for me, and my patients.

    • Dear Morgan: that’s wonderful how you are reaching out to your patients in this time of need. i, too, hate the pinkification of cancer but glad that you are helping to lighten up the shaving experience.
      thanks for sharing. keep up the good work. i’m sure you are appreciated by a lot of patients.


  6. Dana H. says:

    At 30 years old, I began chemo and within a few weeks my hair started falling out. I held out as long as I could since I couldn’t imagine the “me” I’ve always known without my long hair. I really did attach my long locks to my femininity and persona. My girlfriend (and hair stylist) came over late one night after a call that I needed her expertise asap. Hair was falling out in droves. So I was able to have a calm experience, with a good friend taking care of the head shave, and as tears flowed down my cheeks, she talked about my dogs and kids. After it was done, I got a big hug and was told I was beautiful. I loved your story Randi… I really would’ve loved to have another friend there too for support, but I’m okay with how things panned out. Ellen is really lucky to have you in her life 🙂 **I’ve been in remission for 16 months now, with a brand new head of my own hair**

  7. D Mayo Johnson says:

    I don’t suffer from cancer, but from alopeica areata. I’ve had it for 23 years and go through some shared “head shaving” experiences. I currently wear wigs due to missing “spots”. I’m blessed that my 9 yr son thinks anothing mommy’s bald head or my different wigs. I share the feelings of cancer patients. It’s challenging to find a beautician w/”discretion” to cut/style my wigs – so typically I do them at home. Wishing all of you the best.

  8. niewaznejak says:

    I found something I was looking for a long time, thank you!

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