Hot Flashes Forever? Maybe

shutterstock_31102333New results from the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) confirmed what many doctors and a few women have known for years: That some menopausal women get hot flashes that last forever. The study tracked more than 3,000 women for some 20 years and found that a fortunate

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minority never get hot flashes, most of us get them for a few years, and an unlucky crew have online pharmacy cialis them forever. xl online pharmacy Rebecca Thurston, the researcher, told the New York Times that the study “explodes our typical myth around hot watermelon viagra flashes, that they just last a few years and everyone follows the same pattern.” Well, maybe it provides proof but it’s not sending any shock waves through the community. While I was researching my menopause chapter for my new book I talked to experts in the field—and even interviewed my own primary care physician during my annual checkup. Everyone was saying the same thing: most of us will get over our hot flashes (fingers crossed I’m almost there), but ultimately some won’t. Doctors told me stories of patients well into their 60s and 70s who still say they are hot and bothered.

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In fact, the same researchers published similar findings last year (this year must have coupon for cialis been an even longer followup). Last year’s update was reported in JAMA Internal Medicine. Five years ago, the Penn Ovarian Aging Cohort reported similar findings—that hot flashes lasted a decade for some women. In generic viagra by pfizer other online live pharmacy ce menopausal minutia, I recently learned that in England, hot flashes are called hot flushes cheap viagra 100mg canadian pharmacy meds which makes so much more sense. Because flash implies something that just flickers by, a fleeting moment of heat. But for those

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of us—the vast majority who are in the we-get-hot-flashes category, we can testify that if feels more flushy than

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