Does my gut bacteria make me look fat?

In 2009, Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, a scientist at Rockefeller University, wrote an editorial in Newsweek about obesity purporting that body weight is biologically regulated. The piece elicited an onslaught of comments—all negative. Obese people felt victimized. And a slew is the canadian pharmacy legit of folks insisted that overweight people should take responsibility. This November, the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism is publishing the results of a study that found differences between the gut bacteria of obese participants compared to the thin ones. Among 84 volunteers (ages 7 to 20), the bacteria among the fat participants dumped more calories into garlic or viagra the body compared to the germs in everyone else, said Yale’s Nicola Santoro, MD, PhD, one of the investigators. Put another way, if an overweight person were eating the same meal as a thin one, the heavier person would store of that meal as fat. While the study is small, it seemed, at first glance, to lend credence to a biological basis of body size. My first thought buy generic cialis online was this: Are some folks born with an unlucky cheap viagra canadian northwest pharmacy cialis male enhancement

batch of gut buy cialis from online pharmacy bacteria? Or, on second thought does it mean that years of eating too much fostered this kind of fat-storing microbiota? “That’s the million dollar question,” Santoro responded. The real answer best canadian pharmacy is going to be that much like everything else about us humans, a mix of nature and nurture. If we are canadian pharmacy generic cymbalta lucky, doctors may figure out a way to help

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more skinny-making germs and kill off the fat-making ones. Still, I bet it’ll still take a healthy diet to keep the weight off. canadian pharmacy online safe In any event, the new study adds a new twist on the old adage: you are not what you eat. You are what your gut bacteria eat.

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