A Burger Joint Finds the Key to Happiness

Hahn Public Communications, thanks to Caitlin Gooch

Photo Courtesy of Whataburger

So I’m in Dallas at a medical meeting listening to doctors trumpet the benefits of hormone treatments and turns out that at the very same hotel is the kick-off for the WhataGames: Whataburger’s own version of the corporate Olympics. Whataburger is a family-owned and operated business with more than 800 fast-food restaurants spanning the south, from Arizona to Florida and as a spokeswoman said, going as far pharmacy technician hourly wage canada north as Oklahoma. Since when is Oklahoma far north? But then I found out this spokesperson is based in San Antonio. That’s where the headquarters are. Anyhow, half the Hyatt Regency lobby is doctors with blue lanyards milling about with heavy notebooks and the other half are folks in orange and white costumes, hooting and hollering. A lot of the doctors were telling me stories of burnout and redemption—how they left canadianpharmacyonline-rxed.com their emergency rooms practices to open lucrative private practices selling hormones. This wasn’t your typical medical meeting. It felt, as one doctor in the audience said viagra on sale to me, more like one long infomercial. The Whataburger folks were the peppiest conventioners I’d seen. (Though, in truth, most of the conventions I’d ever been to have been medical ones, not burger joint events). Some stocky guy who looked well into his 40s had a bright orange clown wig with a rainbow band around

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his orange one-piece costume. Someone else was wearing a bright orange foam football on his head. There were lots of women in orange tutus. What a kick off! It was held in the auditorium next door, with videos of different Whataburger joints, a manager online pharmacy canada paypal talking about employee morale in front of a big screen showing an Olympic torch. Everyone, regardless of theme, wore sunglasses adorned with flashing lights giving the room a sort cheap viagra online of disco effect. I know that all companies have their own ways to bond. At my son’s office, they formed a kickball league (and won the league!) and now that the season is over, they’ve got happy hour instead. But Whataburger is really taking it to the next level. It was fun and funny at the same time. The folks I talked

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to were seriously happy employees. And you have to imagine that happy employees make for better workers, which makes for better business, and better burgers. One woman, a general manager of a Florida Whataburger, told me that she eats Whataburger two meals a day at least five times a week. I was thinking that’s a lot of beef so I asked her what she ate for breakfast and lunch. Turns out Whataburger also does egg white breakfast sandwiches, salads and all kind of non-burgers. Another employee said that the best part of Whataburger is that you special order your meals, “unlike McDonalds where if you order a Big Mac, you get a Big Mac, maybe hold the pickle.” At Whataburger, it’s more like “bun, or no bun, toast instead of white bun. She said, “we did a study and there are over 36,000 ways to make a Whataburger. But now there are even more sauces, so who knows how many ways.” (That sales pitch should win at least a few points for her team.) Today launched The WhataGames, which begins with all restaurants competing against one another, followed by semi-finals, and ultimately culminating in a finalist competition in April, 2017. Teams are ranked in three categories: operations, corporate history, and customer service. Each contestant from the gold medal-winning restaurant is awarded $5000, silver medalists get $2500 and Bronze gets $1,000. The funny thing is in that the meeting next door,I was listening to a lecture about how to medicate your patients with hormones to make them happier. Maybe what we all need is one big pep rally.

Hahn Public Communications, thanks to Caitlin Gooch

Photo Courtesy fo Whataburger

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