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  1. Dear Randi,

    I enjoyed your informative talk at the Academy of Medicine last night.
    You would be interested to know that as recently as 2011 the journal
    Obstetrics & Gynecology published an article examining the scientific
    evidence for ACOG practice recommendations. Only 25% were based
    on controlled trials. The other 75% were based on observation or “expert
    opinion.” And we understand that experts can also be misogynistic and racist.

    The midwife who commented from the audience was correct — as midwifery
    practices are subjected to rigorous research they are becoming validated as
    safer and more beneficial than the often harmful interventions that are still routine
    in most hospital births.

    As a retired midwife who worked for decades in New York City hospitals I think that respectful communication between doctors and
    midwives is important but the historical (and current) lack of respect comes from the
    male medical model, not from midwives.

    Is there a transcript of your talk available? I would like to read it.

    Thanks for your good work,

    Ellen Cohen, CNM (ret)

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