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How the Science of Sex Hormones, Genes, and Reproduction Impacts our Day to Day Lives

Randi Epstein Randi Hutter Epstein, M.D., M.P.H. is a freelance medical writer who has worked as a medical reporter for the London bureau of The Associated Press and has had articles published in The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Washington Post, MORE, Geographical, Parents and other national magazines. Read More...

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My Dad’s Death: Shockingly Typical

I was shocked when I heard the rattle in my father’s chest and knew he didn’t have much time. Shocked not because he was nearing death—he’d been so sick for so long—but shocked that my dad looked and sounded like all the other dying old men, the ones I had seen and heard in the wards when I was a
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Learning to Look

Last May, when I had just finished a semester of teaching, I was struck by an opinion piece in the New York Times by Mark Bauerlein, a professor of English at Emory University. The one statistic that stood out for me was this one: According to Bauerlein, one national survey found that 43 percent—almost half—of all students earn grades within
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Killers Plead Guilty: Did their hormones make them do it?

The other day a lawyer-friend of mine told me that he and his surgeon-wife were talking about how each of their professions seeks the truth. What bothers her about law, she told him, is that it all seems so arbitrary, so much a play on words. To her, medicine is built on real facts, not someone’s version of them. But
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