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How the Science of Sex Hormones, Genes, and Reproduction Impacts our Day to Day Lives

Randi Epstein Randi Hutter Epstein, M.D., M.P.H. is a freelance medical writer and reporter, lecturer at Yale University and adjunct professor at Columbia University. She is the author of Get Me Out, A History of Childbirth from the Garden of Eden to the Sperm Bank. Read More...

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What Happens When A Former Drug Addict Dives into The Science of Addiction? She Resurfaces with Insights into Brain Science

In 1982, Maia Szalavitz found herself on the edge of Jerry Garcia’s bed in a New Haven hotel snorting coke. One thing led to another, and as she tells it in her latest book Unbroken Brain: A Revolutionary New Way of Understanding Addiction, Szalavitz goes from nice Jewish girl from New York on her way to an Ivy league education
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Pumping up Hormones

Back in the day, I had no problems nursing my kids, but the pump never did it for me. You put one of my babies to my breast and the milk came out. But put a breast pump against me, and it was like that plastic suction cup flipped the off switch. Nearly nothing. I’d watch a few droplets sputter
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The Doctor, His Patient and the Prisoner

A few weeks ago, Johns Hopkins doctors announced they are working on penis transplants, hoping to restore urinary and sexual functions to injured soldiers. As it stands now, we aren’t good at making functional penises. Hopkins has a long history of experimenting with sexual-enhancing transplants. Nearly 95 years ago, one doctor eyed testicles. On May 21, 1921, a 34-year-old man
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